NOTE: This Wikia is currently in Pre-Alpha. You are allowed to view information here, however NO activity of the sort is allowed without authorization of the founder or you are Fandom Staff(which in that case, I got no control over you, so :P). Also, I would like to remind you this wiki should only include CANON information of Vedomitale.

Welcome to the Vědomítale Wiki
Welcome to the home-center of information on Vĕdomitale! Here you'll find information including places, people, events, and items of this universe! Please contact Max041 for any questions, concerns, or information in specific!

What is Vědomitale? Edit

Vědomitale is an Undertale AU with a story, past, and a cast of characters. Mainly Broken!Science revolves around what's left of the AU, however the AU does have a past and event storyline. As of current, the storyline isn't completely built, along with the entire character cast's personality or focus. The world itself isn't even completely set. All that is required is patience.

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