Originally an experiment, Fido is a member of the Aster Family. Being owned by Sans and Papyrus, and created by W. D. Gaster. He acts as a protector of the Aster Family.

Appearance Edit

Fido appears as a heavily-modified Gaster Blaster, modified to the point of the ray being more powerful than most Gaster Blasters; mainly rivalled by a Seraphim Blaster. The spikes on his head are tipped with red and blue paint: Red for his left side and blue for his right. Fido's eyes are cyan by default, however he can change them to purple(Purple does NOT signify lust for Fido.). His jaws have two missing teeth as well.

His Gaster Blaster ray is a mix of cyan, orange, and purple.

Personality Edit

Fido is naturally protective and easy to control by and of members of the Aster Family. As for his own, he acts cheerful and playful with Sans and Papyrus. He makes different noises at times, signifying either emotions or concern. However, as usual, he acts cheerful and loves to play around with the sons of ??? and Gaster. He is even capable of speech in Wingdings.

Abilities Edit

  • Fido can fire a ray capable of killing and weakening threats.
  • He can bite using his jaws or grip onto something/someone with them.
  • Fido can use himself as a shield to protect or as transportation.

Relationships Edit

Aster Family Edit

Fido is the creation of W. D. Gaster and is loyal to the Aster Family; protecting and living with them, happily. Both the Asters and Fido like each other and don't mind spending time.